CFB Week 10 Thursday Night Recap

On episode 25 of the College Sports Hour, Clint talks about what went down on Thursday night during college football's Week 10 matchups, focusing primarily on the Big 12 matchup between West Virginia and Baylor and the Sun Belt matchup between Georgia Southern and Appalachian State.

Welcome back, everyone! This is Episode 25 of the College Sports Hour. It's been a minute but I'm back. I'm your host Clint McPherson and on today's episode, I'll be running through a quick College Football Week 10 Thursday Night Recap from what happened and what went down last night that saw two undefeated teams that were ranked teams, facing off against two unranked opponents. While one survived and continued to move forward with a strong defensive effort, in regards to their season, the other one struggled mightily with the triple option for the second year in a row and suffered their first loss of the season. So with that said guys, let's jump right into it.

So let's jump right into the Baylor vs West Virginia game on Thursday night. Number 12 Baylor stays undefeated after the win. They pull a close one out 17-14 to pull out a win over West Virginia. Baylor had quite the defensive performance to remain undefeated in their 17-14 win over West Virginia in this game. Now while Baylor's Quarterback he throws for 277 yards with two touchdowns, the defense blocked a late field goal and only allowed two big plays on the night. So as the Bears won a game for the first time since 2006 when scoring less than 20 points. So its a huge step in the right direction for this Baylor Bears team and a big win for them as they improve to 8-0 on the season. When you look at this game as a whole though guys, Baylor stepped up big time on defense in this game. And you can tell that this Baylor team is still learning the process and is still trying to come back to wrap it around how they go in and take care of business week in and week out but that's okay guys, right? When your defense is on point you can get by with a sloppy offensive effort from time to time or when you have the special teams collapse as they did in this game you know. So Baylor ends up kicking a go-ahead 36-yard field goal with 10:19 left in this game behind when they were tied 14-14 right it was tied up and Baylor found itself winning its tenth game in a row guys. Despite this contest, it was often a frustrating display of offense and special teams for these guys. So when you're two seasons removed after winning only one game, as the Bears are right, the Baylor Bears they are 8-0 currently, 5-0 in the Big Twelve and are the leagues only undefeated team in one of eight remaining among the FBS teams, you know when you're undefeated you don't apologize for that right. You don't apologize for going 8-0, you don't apologize for winning this game even though it was close and not as pretty as you wanted it to be. But, even though it wasn't as clean as they wanted, whether they liked it or not they won right and they just have to continue to improve as they move forward during the season and look for them to do that because again guys this Baylor Bears team is headed in the right direction. When you look at West Virginia on the other hand, they came into this game sitting at 3-5. They are 1-4 in the Big Twelve, they had eight Quarterback sacks right. So their defense faced second and goal from the one late in the second quarter. And they stuffed Baylor for no gain on three consecutive plays which was huge for the right. So that allowed Baylor to go in and not go up two scores and they had to settle for a 7-0 half-time lead. But still, Baylor ended up avoiding what happened last Saturday, where you have the other Big Twelve schools right. Ranked schools, three ranked teams that played last week and lost. So that includes Oklahoma's huge collapse against Kansas State. That left Baylor alone atop the conference standings heading into this game. Which was huge for them. So Baylor knows that this performance wasn't good enough and that they need to grow from it because I'm sure they don't want to have the same feeling as those other three teams did last week in the Big Twelve. But when you look at it, again they got the win, right.

And after Baylor ended up muffing a punt earlier in the game that was recovered at the Baylor 34, West Virginia couldn't even do anything with that. You know they tried a field goal attempt, they would go on to kick that field goal through the uprights right, it was a 43-yard attempt, but, hold up guys, they were penalized for delay of game right and they had to try the attempt again. After trying that attempt again, Baylor's nose tackle ended up blocking the 48-yard field goal with 3 1/2 minutes left in the game and that's basically all she wrote right. And when you look at West Virginia, they gave up two big plays for the touchdowns in this game. They had an 83-yard catch-and-run from the first play after a punt, and then they went 95 yards with a kickoff return right. And so that was their first kick off return for West Virginia for five years. So they had two big plays in this game but outside of that their offense didn't do anything right. They finished with 219 total yards, 136 of those were outside of that one big play which was that 83-yard catch-and-run. Then you have the 95-yard kickoff return that was on the ensuing kick after Baylor threw a 21-yard touchdown pass. So, I mean they just couldn't get anything going ever in this game. And although they beat Baylor last year, like really beat them, 58-14 last year. They just came off a 52-14 loss at Oklahoma in their last game right and they came into this game as a nearly three-touchdown underdog. So it wasn't a surprise to see them lose. But at the end of the day, it was really close, and they just came up short guys you know. When you're looking at it they're probably chomping at the bit. There's a lot of plays they left on the field, a lot of things they didn't take advantage of. But again, it was a lot closer than everybody thought it was going to be, they almost pulled off an upset, almost gave Baylor their first loss.

So my takeaways from this game right, you had West Virginia, obviously, they are not that good this year. They've lost four Big Twelve games in a row. Since opening conference play with that win at Kansas. And then they also continue to have the worst offense in the Big Twelve. Which doesn't bode well for them in some of these games right, and again they struggled to get anything done on the offensive side of this game outside of those two huge plays that they had. When they had first-and-goal at the 10 on their first drive after halftime, and then their quarterback was still calling out signals right when the ball was snapped by the center resulting in a turnover. So when you look on the other hand though, Baylor has moved up 10 spots in the AP Top 25 since getting ranked at the beginning of October, which is huge for this Baylor Bears team. They continue to move forward. It wasn't pretty right and they might have not played their best football this past Thursday, but they did record another victory which is huge for them. So what's up next for West Virginia is a home game November 9 they are going to play Texas Tech and then Baylor is going to travel less than 100 miles north on Interstate 35 to play at TCU on November 9. So guys watch out for that game it should be exciting when West Virginia and Texas Tech play. Especially the Baylor team facing off against TCU. Which could upset them easily guys? So watch out for that and get excited man. College football continues to roll along.

So now transitioning over to the Georgia Southern game. Well, the App State game as most people would probably tune in to watch App State right. They are ranked number 20 in the nation but Georgia Southern shocks them again. They shocked the number 20 App State again for the second year in a row. In this game right, Georgia Southern racked up 335 yards on the ground behind their triple-option offense that basically App State can never figure out. And they upset them for the second straight season like I just said 24-21. Georgia Southern's defense held the country's ninth-highest scoring offense in check throughout this night. Outside of what happened in the fourth quarter right. This game was rainy, it was windy, it was Halloween night so things were bound to get crazy. Temperatures dipped down into the 20's. So it was pretty interesting. It was a fun game to watch. Georgia Southern coming into this game, they only had one loss in the Sunbelt Conference. They're sitting at 5-3, 3-1 in the Sunbelt, ultimately they ended App State's thirteen game winning streak handing them their first loss since knocking them out of the top 25 more than a year ago when they beat App State 34-14 right. So App State would again struggle mightily on defending this Georgia Southern's triple-option offense. They just could not figure it out. I mean Georgia Southern threw some huge blows throughout this game. They struck the biggest blow though on the night when the running back took off with the option-pitch and took it to the house for a 68-yard touchdown on the first possession of the second half. Busting this game wide open and then their quarterback on the ensuing possession he sits there and runs through a huge hole in the line and ran for another 55-yard score. Giving Georgia Southern a 24-7 lead they wouldn't give up. I mean obviously App State does mount a comeback but for Georgia Southern, this win was another milestone for this team right, for them beating another Top 25 team as they did last year, knocking App State out of the top 25 again. So I'm sure they're going to enjoy this one for the next several days but, the huge advantage for Georgia Southern in this game was having their running back who didn't play in Georgia's Southern's losses to Number 1 LSU or Number 13 Minnesota right. And he averaged 11.2 yards per carry on the night which was huge. And he did most of his damage getting around the corner behind solid blocking. I mean the O line was blocking they were doing what they probably have the scholarship to go to school to do. And they were putting work in, right? App State, on the other hand, when you look at them they had a huge. This game was going to mean a lot to them. Now they are in a tough position. You know, they are sitting at 7-1, 4-1 Sun Belt currently. They came in averaging 41 points per game, but they struggled to get any momentum going in the first three-quarters outside of a 92-yard touchdown drive in the final two minutes of the first half. App States Quarterback he tried to rally them back with two fourth-quarter TD passes but, really when it comes down to it, their final two drives on the night ended without them scoring any points which really put a damper on their comeback party right. Although this one really hurts App State, it almost guarantees that they're not going to be ranked. Ranking doesn't always define a team but when you look at it, App State has a lot to keep fighting for because there are still a lot of ballgames left and they don't even control their own destiny anymore so, I'm sure this loss will certainly like I said will knock them out of the Top 25 for sure. They came into this game as the highest-ranked Sun Belt team ever, but now they're going to need some outside help just to reach their conference championship game which again was a huge blow to them. Obviously, they don't control their own fate. So they are going to have to rely on a whole realm of things happening right. So because Georgia Southern wins, they have the tiebreaker and they own the tiebreaker over App State but there's still a lot of conference games left to be played so it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.

So my takeaway from this game, I enjoy watching it. Georgia Southern ended up playing like a team on a mission, they control both sides of the ball from the onset. The offensive line fired off the ball, they created big holes, running back, quarterback on the edge and then when App State basically began over-pursuing to the outside, Georgia Southern burned them between the tackles. So, again, App State just could never get anything going on so for App State though, the defense that had been so good over the past three games which they only allowed 17 combined points couldn't even figure out the triple-option offense until they hit the fourth quarter and by that time it was just simply too late and they simply got beat in the trenches on both sides of the ball. So what this does for the conference and the conference outlook, I mean this win again is big and huge for Georgia Southern in a lot of ways. It not only gives them the tiebreaker advantage over App State when it comes to determining who goes to the Sun Belt Conference championship but both teams, along with Georgia State, have one loss in the Eastern Division. So when you look at it, Georgia Southern didn't make it to the title game last season despite beating App State so their ultimate goal obviously there in the season and probably every season, is to get to that championship game but because they beat App State last year and they didn't get to that championship game I'm sure that fire is burning within them just a little bit more. So what's up next for Georgia Southern, the Eagles they are going to visit a conference opponent in Troy on November 9. And then you got App State, they are going to travel to Columbia to face South Carolina which is going to not be an easy task for them on November 9 and their final non-conference game of the season. So when you look at it I mean this could be an interesting match up but at the end of the day, we'll see what happens.

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